8th June 2020

Our operations during the COVID 19 pandemic continue with robust safety and social distancing measures in place, in line with the official guidance.  Our priority remains to protect workers, their families and the general public during this period.

8th June 2020

We are very proud to announce the implementation of our new Connect software.

Connect is a bespoke software, tailor-made for our Company.  The development has taken 18 months, involving many gruelling hours of brainstorming by Scope team members on workflow and process.  

However, the time and financial investment has been worthwhile. We can now effectively manage all the operational and financial aspects of our projects and maintenance works under a single software umbrella.  And Connect provides all our employees, including our roaming site workforce, with up-to-date visibility on all activities.

Connect enables us to connect our project information and connect with each other!